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The New ‘Every Individual Matters’ Organisational Transformation Model

Zealise has developed a new business model that creates, maintains and sustains an organisation culture of optimal employee engagement, adaptability and collaboration. This model delivers all round continuing performance improvement and better results through the commercial valuation of employees as human assets, together with linked equity-free employee ownership.

Our unique ‘Every Individual Matters’ model addresses a decades old quest and makes a literal truth of the claim “people are our greatest asset.” It brings a new dimension to human management and offers significant individual and organisational benefits. Amongst these are that it:

  • Enables you to effectively measure the value that your people bring to your business
  • Enhances strategy delivery through stronger stakeholder management, common purpose and shared vision
  • Engenders continuous organisational improvement through individual learning and development
  • Embeds the culture of ‘every individual matters’
  • Inspires a new organisation-wide energy for well-being and success
  • Eliminates most of, if not all, the shortcomings of traditional employee ownership schemes
Zealise Working Together

Working Together

Delivering the “Every Individual Matters” model

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