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The New ‘Every Individual Matters’ Organisational Transformation Model

Zealise has developed a new, sustainable business model that creates an organisation culture of optimal employee engagement, adaptability and collaboration, by means of the commercial valuation of employees as human assets together with equity-free employee ownership.

Our unique ‘Every Individual Matters’ model thus addresses a decades old quest and makes a literal truth of the claim “people are our greatest asset.” It brings a new dimension to human management and offers a number of significant individual and organisational benefits. Amongst these are that it:

  • Enables you to effectively measure the value that your people bring to your business
  • Enhances strategy delivery through stronger stakeholder management, common purpose and shared vision
  • Engenders continuous organisational improvement through individual learning and development
  • Embeds the culture of ‘every individual matters’
  • Inspires a new organisation-wide energy for well-being and success
  • Eliminates most of, if not all, the shortcomings of traditional employee ownership schemes


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Bay Jordan at Zealise


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