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Zealise helps organisations to transform operational effectiveness and improve adaptive capability, through the effective development of their people. This enhances bottom-line performance and the ability to survive and thrive in a fast-paced, massively changing world.

Founder and Managing Director, Bay Jordan is a Chartered Accountant whose career in systems design, business process re-engineering and change management has provided him with a deep understanding of the contribution and value of people in organisations.

Bay recognises the management paradox of referring to people as assets but treating them exclusively as costs. He formed Zealise specifically to develop a methodology to remedy this paradox and address the mixed message it creates.

His new ‘Every Individual Matters’ model solves that paradox through a formula for valuing employees as human assets. In addition to changing the entire basis of people management in organisations, the ‘Every Individual Matters’ model also simultaneously offers the capability to create equity-free employee ownership. This addresses many of the failings of existing employee ownership schemes and turbo-charges the power of employee ownership.

This combined capability offers the potential to totally transform the whole field of employee management (otherwise identified as HR!) It unites individual and organisation in seeking to optimise employee contribution; for the employee by maximising their capabilities and driving up their human asset value and, for the organisation, by optimising those personal capabilities, whilst providing a shared stake in the organisational outcomes that drives greater cohesion, co-operation and collaboration.

Zealise is seeking to partner with organisations, in the UK and internationally, to develop and implement the Every Individual Matters’ model to enhance employee adaptability, optimise human capability, and thus realise that transformational potential.

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